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Ash Penn’s Upcoming Release, End of the Line: Book 1 of the Dark Love Series

I’d like to welcome my friend, author Ash Penn, to my blog. She’s here to tell us about her upcoming release, End of the Line. Take it away, Ash…

I’m venturing into the paranormal with my first series of books. The Dark Love series will feature vampires, angels, shifters, one incubus and a zombie thrown in for good measure. The series begins with the pre release of book 1, End of the Line. It’s on pre-order today from Total E Bound.

Now, I’m no plotter, in fact when I begin a story I rarely know how it ends, or even what comes after the first sentence. End of the Line certainly wasn’t intended as a series when I first had the idea for a vampire story. It was only after I’d started writing that I realised the paranormal world I’d created is totally different from the contemporary fiction I’d written up ‘til now. I could have all sorts of creatures skulking in the shadows below the average person’s radar.  So out of book 1 came the idea for book 2, and, in turn, book 3. Each story will feature a different set of characters that are linked in some way to the characters from the book before.

I should also mention that the series title Dark Love should serve as a little bit of a warning. My romances do tend to be dark, which means my characters aren’t always likeable and their relationships are usually far from perfect. My favourite kind of stories are those where the source of conflict comes from within the relationship itself rather than via outside factors. End of the Line is no exception, and I’m guessing Alex may prove quite controversial for some readers.

End of the Line



Orphan and loner David Greene has always found solace in the dark romance written by his great-grandmother. The book and a crumbling old house on the edge of town are all that remains of his ancestry and the family he never knew. But when David meets Alex, the new owner of the house, his world spins out of control.

Alex is every bit of man and mystery David could have conjured in his wildest erotic dreams, and he is drawn into a strange romance where weirdness becomes the norm. He even begins to sense the spirit of Vincent, the novel’s mysterious anti-hero, who issues a warning about the dangers of involving himself with Alex.

As Alex begins to manoeuvre and manipulate David’s empty life, the question soon becomes not who is Alex, but what is Alex? And once the truth is out David discovers that the fictional world of his great-grandmother’s novel was never quite so fictional after all.


“Mind if I join you?”

The soft male tones that caressed David’s eardrums were far too close for the question to be directed at anyone else. He looked up from the depths of page eighty-two and into eyes as blue as a perfect summer’s day. Unexpected heat flooded his cheeks. He adjusted his glasses and scanned the array of empty Formica tables and chairs around them.

“Uh, no, I guess I don’t mind,” David replied, puzzled. Not that it mattered. He’d be leaving right after he’d finished his coffee.

“Great.” The guy offered a dazzling smile. Twin dimples etched perfect hollows in his cheeks. Why this beautiful man should seem so pleased about being granted permission to sit with him wasn’t something David wanted to contemplate.

“What you reading?” the stranger asked, taking a seat at the opposite bench. Completely flustered, David had forgotten about the novel in front of him. By the time he thought to look down, the book was being drawn away from him across the table. He lunged, swiping the book closed and into the bag at his side before the guy got a chance to spy the cover.

“It’s nothing,” he blurted out. “Just a novel.”

“Just a novel?” A spark of humour lifted the stranger’s tone.

“Yes.” David shifted in his seat. “I like to read.”

The guy shrugged beneath a shabby leather jacket that looked as though it had led a full and active existence. “That’s nothing to be ashamed of. I read too.”

David didn’t for a moment believe someone as good-looking as this man bothered to read anything past a car manual, and certainly not romance novels. “What do you read?”

The guy’s lips tilted into a smile. “Menus, mostly.” He reached for the laminated board on a stand between them. “By the way, what’s your name? I’m Alex.”

Since when had this turned into the kind of conversation where first names were exchanged? The guy had asked to share the table, not life stories. Still, it was a small thing to ask, and David didn’t see any real reason not to answer. For a fraction of a second, he contemplated giving a fake name. Something like Frazer, or Zane. Something interesting and exotic, something the complete opposite of who he actually was. But then, when he stopped to contemplate why exactly he’d want this Alex to think better of him, he couldn’t come up with a reason. Not one he’d accept anyway.

“It’s, um, David,” he said eventually.

“Okay, um, David.” Alex lowered the menu. His blue eyes loomed closer. “You got a…um, boyfriend?”

David heard the question clear as day, and experienced the shock as vividly as if he’d stuck his finger in an electrical socket. Why would this guy—a complete stranger—ask such a thing? No one had accused him of being gay since his schooldays. He couldn’t understand what he’d done to be accused of it now. “Excuse me?”

Alex set down the menu. “I’ll take that as a no.” He glanced over his shoulder at the waitress attending to another diner a couple of tables away. “Yo, sweetheart.” He clicked his fingers. All four heads in the place swivelled their way. “Over here.”

“Wait your turn, sweetheart,” the waitress called back, busy writing in her pad.

“I think I should go.” David zipped up his bag. How dare this person assume such a thing about him? What a ludicrous question to ask a stranger.

“You’ve not touched your coffee.” He nodded at the still full mug sat on the table.

David glared back. “It’s cold.”

“I’ll get you another. I don’t like to eat alone. Oh, hey—”

David rose.

So did Alex. “At least let me buy you lunch, if only to apologise.”

“For what?”

“For my uncouth manners. I’m new around here and I don’t spend much time in company. Sometimes I say the first thing that comes into my head. And when I do it’s usually wrong. You got any idea how many people I’ve already pissed off and I’ve only been in town a month?”

David couldn’t resist asking, “How many?”

Alex puffed out his cheeks, pressed his palms together then drew them apart like an angler measuring the size of an elusive fish. Then he pushed them together again, as if in prayer. “Please take pity on this tactless, friendless out-of-towner by allowing him to buy you lunch?” He lowered his hands and slid the menu across the table. “Please, order anything you like. It’s on me.”

David still hesitated. He didn’t believe Alex wasn’t used to being around people. Men like him were never short of friends. Men like him didn’t buy lunch for men like David. Not unless they were desperate for company. Well, he had said he was new in town, so maybe that was exactly what Alex was. Desperate. David had already spent most of his wages this week on his roommate’s slice of the rent. Why he bailed Gemma out so often he wasn’t sure, but his stomach rumbled its hunger and Alex’s eyes kept getting bluer.

“All right.” He resumed his seat. “I could manage a sandwich.” And while he was at it he could put this guy straight about his sexuality too.

“A sandwich! No way. Go for something hot and delicious, like yourself.” An odd sparkle danced in the man’s eyes. It wasn’t quite mockery, though David never imagined he’d make even lukewarm on anyone’s heat scale. “What? You’re offended I paid you a compliment?”

“No.” David grabbed the menu, grateful for an excuse to hide his blushes—his cheeks the only part of him likely to be considered hot. So much for reaffirming his heterosexuality.

“You looked in a mirror recently? I mean properly?”

David shook his head from behind the menu. He had access to the bathroom mirror at the flat, which he used for shaving and combing his hair. Not for preening. He left preening to men with something to preen over. Like Alex.

“May I?”

David peered over the menu, curious now despite himself. “May you what?”

“Indulge me?” Alex flashed those perfect teeth again. He reached over the table, grasped the arms of David’s glasses then guided them carefully away. The world fuzzed over. “Now, if you’d quit screwing up those sexy brown eyes of yours—”

“But I can’t see.”

“Wanna know what I see?”

“A squinting moron?”

A flash of white bisected the pale cream blur of Alex’s face. “Nope. Try, a handsome young guy who’s spent too long cowering behind a pair of… What are these?” He held the glasses aloft. “Titanic’s portholes?”

“They’re my prescription. I’ve always had bad eyesight. There’s nothing I can do. Can I have them back?” He held out his palm, aware of how his hand trembled, afraid this guy would toss the glasses to the ground and stamp on them like so many others had done before.

goldbar2Thanks for stopping by, Ash. Loved the excerpt and can’t wait to read the book.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love a good dark paranormal romance. So what did you think of the excerpt? And what about that awesome cover?


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Paloma Beck’s Erotic PNR Series, The Seven Sin Sisters

Please welcome Paloma Beck to my blog. You won’t want to miss this post about her sexy series…

banner sevensinsisters

Seven Sisters. Seven Sins. And Seven Mates to Redeem them.

Lust | Envy | Greed | Pride | Anger | Sloth | Gluttony

The seven deadly sins are transgressions that hinder spiritual growth. Essentially, to be owned fully by one of the seven deadly sins means to not be able to grow into one’s own potential. This is the very thing that intrigued me. I wanted each sister to carry one of the sins and then began the concept of linking men to their salvation from their sins. How better to tie the two mates together than to have the male be the one who truly rescues her from herself? Is there any greater way to become a hero than this?

But then I read – and read – and read – and there are so many ways the deadly sins can manifest themselves within a person. I didn’t want to take the obvious road so some of the women cope with their sins in a unique way. In Holiday Gem, for example, Gemma carries the soul sin of greed. However, she’s a historical researcher and her greed plays out through a hunger for knowledge. She throws herself into her work and is so hungry for knowledge that the lack of it puts her into panic attacks.

I admit though to being a bit obvious when it came to lust. It was just too good to pass up. In Lustful Cravings, Layla has never experienced lust until she meets her mate. Then he has to work to keep up with her needs. So why not give him a little help, add in another man, and make it a ménage? After all, a woman experiencing lust for the first time has needs. *wink * wink*

There are definite benefits and pitfalls to each of the deadly sins but it’s CONFESSION TIME… tell me which is your favorite and why.



Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book 1

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex/ Ménage

Author: Paloma Beck

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

BLURB: Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy bigger than anyone ever expected. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite breeds and secure their place in history. Each sister embodies one of the seven deadly sins only to be cast aside once claimed. But claiming comes at the price of separation, causing a weakening of their combined powers, which none want to happen… until Layla, holding the sin of lust within her body, locks eyes with Madden. Madden is one of the strongest of the Valendite Breed, a group of near-immortal men originating from the Italian Wars in the 1500s. Today, the Valendite Breed serve as the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), an invisible arm of the CIA. Their only weakness is their need for a mate to carry on the Breed.  So now that Madden has found Layla, he will never let her go. With forces mounting up against the Breed, Madden and Layla will need to rely on all of their powers combined to get them to their Pronouncement.


Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book 2

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex

Author: Paloma Beck

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

BLURB: Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history. Eloise has lived with bitter envy her entire life until the moment she fell into the arms of Caedon. Once claimed by her mate, she will covet nothing more for eternity, especially now that she has it all. Caedon plans to fulfill her every need if he can just keep her safe. With their secret so close to being exposed and a mate who finds herself in the midst of the drama, Caedon has enough to keep his hands full. Then Caedon’s parents, believed dead for a century, come across the Terrorist Elimination Unit’s (TEU) radar. Can he save his parents while protecting his newfound mate?


Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book 3

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex

Author: Paloma Beck

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

BLURB: Gemma has spent her adult life consumed with researching the Valendite Breed history, constantly greedy for knowledge about their race. Until she meets Seamus and she’s no longer able to hide in her world of books and theory. Now is her time to live. Seamus has found his gem and he wants nothing more than to treasure her. But his best friend is missing and he needs to locate him. Torn between his mate and his brother-in-arms, Seamus may be forced to choose one over the other. Will he sacrifice a lifelong friendship for the love of his life?


Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Book 4

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex/ Adult Spanking

Author: Paloma Beck

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

BLURB: Donovan agrees to Paige’s plan until things around him start to go wrong. He’s losing his concentration, making mistakes on critical missions for the Terrorist Elimination Unit (TEU), and now Madden has assigned him as Paige’s bodyguard. Donovan’s only weakness is his need for a mate to carry on the Breed. Now that he’s found Paige, the time has come for him to claim his mate. Taking Paige in hand might be the only choice he has as forces continue to mount against the Breed. Will she come to see their Pronouncement will need to be sooner rather than later?


HOLDING HOPEgarden park at night

Series: Seven Sin Sisters Series, Short Story (4.5)

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance

Elements: Adult language/ Explicit Sex/ Adult Spanking

Author: Paloma Beck

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing

BLURB: Lucas believed he was fated to live out a solitary existence. He devoted himself to the sole mission of protecting his family and his breed when the woman he thought to be his mate died right in front of his eyes. With only one fated mate, Lucas understood his life would be lived alone.

Until he held hope in his arms… Ella was a captive of his sworn enemy when he found her and immediately felt the connection. Lucas rescued her, nursed her back to health and cared for her. Now can he convince her to embrace her identity as one of the women of the Magdalena Circle? This might prove to me his most difficult mission yet.


The first three books in the series have been released. You can purchase them at the following places.

Secret Cravings Publishing

All Romance


Barnes & Noble


Jenn, Guilty Indulgence Review Site, 5 Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

“Say what you will about the paranormal genre being repetitious and overdone – Ms. Beck puts that rumor to rest. Creating a whole new world of paranormal creatures (the Valendite Breed) – a little bit magical, a little bit vampy and a whole lot of alpha male sexy!”

Love, Laughter, Friendship Reviews, 5 Smiles

“One of Harlie’s Little Sister’s top 10 reads of 2012. The world that [Paloma] has created for her characters and the stories to come is brilliant. The suspense element that is woven into the plot is nicely done and well thought out. ”

Alyson, SnifferWalk Reviews, 4 Stars

“Paloma Beck has managed to find that sensual place where we all want to be and leaves us basking in it’s afterglow over and over again.”

My Reading Obsession, Pink Roses Review

“All of the elements are here for a fantastic story. Ms. Beck has created a great new legend for the vampire race.”


Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction… she’s a happily married carpooling mom writing erotic romance. It’s almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, menage, spanking and bdsm – all in her books, of course. Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.







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Interview & Giveaway with Cover Model Jason Baca


jason_baca_photo_999_by_jasonaaronbaca-d4uy71pLorraine: First off, I’d like to welcome Jason to my blog and let him know how much I appreciate him taking the time to do this interview. Thank you, Jason.

Jason: Thank you too… The pleasure is all mine.

Lorraine: We’ll start with the basics. What made you decide to become a cover model and how long have you been at it?

Jason: I decided to become a romance cover model a few years ago. I wasn’t finished with modeling but felt out of touch with all the fashion or ad modeling they’d typically use me for. When I’d come up with the idea of doing cover modeling, it really hit me positively. It gave me a reason to work out harder, to eat healthier.

Lorraine: Has modeling been what you expected it to be? If yes, how so? If no, what is different?

Jason: Yes & No…  When I am doing a lot of work and getting booked for shoots, it’s like I’d always envisioned it.. Everything flows naturally. But when times are slow like how it was in the beginning for me when I’d see other guys with my same look getting more covers then me I’d get extremely frustrated sometimes even want to give up.. But then an hour later I’d pick myself back up and say “no that approach won’t work”

Lorraine: If you could go back and give the younger version of yourself any advice before you started this career, what would it be?

jason_baca_book_cover_52_by_jasonaaronbaca-d3fmy4aJason: Great question! It would have been to tell that guy to do more of the romance novels. I didn’t pay any attention back then to what this industry was all about. Hey this is a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. A lot of people follow this authors and best sellers. So yes, I’d have gotten into this FAR back..

Lorraine: I’ve seen that your goal is to surpass the number of covers Fabio was on. How are you coming with that goal?

Jason: Sure.. Actually things are moving along at a more rapid pace with that goal of the number of covers. There is still about a good hundred plus before I reach where he’s at though.

Lorraine: Once you’ve achieved that goal, where will you set your sights from there?

Jason: Well Lorraine, I dream big at night.. And the dreams that I dare to dream really do come true..

Lorraine: It must take a lot of work to stay in such great shape. What is your workout schedule and routine?

88888-128-ABS-J14-SEVEN copy3Jason: Yes you are correct, I do believe in taking care of my body. I perform a rigorous workout routine on a daily basis at my local health club. Currently I work out in the evenings. I basically workout as hard as I can until my arms and legs feel like they are going to fall off. I take pleasure in feeling my muscles tighten up as I exercise them to the max. It sends my mind into a whole new world. I don’t see people around me. It’s just me in my own bubble.

Lorraine: I’m sure you have to watch what you eat, as well. What type of diet do you follow?

Jason: Thanks actually yes, I do watch what I eat. I only eat foods that will make my face and body look beautiful. If it’s chocolate or something impure I will not consume it. Only foods of premium labels shall pass my lips.

Lorraine: Do you allow yourself to splurge and have a day off from the diet occasionally? If so, how often and what is your favorite food to indulge in?

Jason: Yes, I have allowed myself to eat pastas or something with carbs in it. But only occasionally. I don’t want to start a habit, you do it once and then you are on a road to getting ugly.

Lorraine: Did it take you a while to adjust to the thought of being on these covers as the representation of the heroes in the books?

kissin_tell_scott_carpenter_by_jasonaaronbaca-d4ur9k0Jason: Yes it did at first. The first time I’d seen the romance books I thought about what it would be like being that cover guy… Then later after doing my first cover and seeing it in a bookstore, now that REALLY knocked my socks off! I felt like not only the hero of the book but the entire bookstore!

Lorraine: I’d like to get the male perspective on what it’s like to be looked at as the object of desire based solely on appearance. Women have been dealing with this for a long time, but it seems only recently that us women have become the aggressors and are now ogling men. Do you find it demeaning like some women used to or do you take it as a compliment for all the hard work you’ve done to get and keep your body in such great shape?

Jason: Well yes, being labeled as the mountain of molten lust has its perks. I don’t mind getting positive feedback from anyone claiming to be impressed by what I have with the body. To be on these covers as someone’s ultimate object of desire is what it’s all about. I mean you don’t want to be on a cover looking like an out of shape person or someone that has no sense of style.. 

Lorraine: When people ask what I write and I tell them romance, I get the usual dismissal and eye rolls. What do people say when you tell them you are a cover model?

may_jason_baca_ps49_by_jasonaaronbaca-d3egv7sJason: I get fascination looks.. Looks of amazement or uncertainty on how to approach me next. I like that cause I just stare back at them waiting to see what questions they’ll come up with next. There are not many of us guys out there. We aren’t your typical store employee…We’re a rare breed.

Lorraine: I have a day job to pay the bills until this writing thing takes off. Do you have a day job or is modeling it? If you do have a day job, do you hope to leave it behind one day?

Jason: If I didn’t have a day job to keep me busy, I’d be bored out of my MIND! I have to have it otherwise this sort of thing may get old for me which I don’t want it to.

Lorraine: If you weren’t modeling, what other career could you see yourself with?

Jason: I get asked this a lot. But I don’t have an answer for you. This is me. I like unordinary. So Maybe I’d do something unusual.

Lorraine: Any advice for those who may want to get into modeling?

Jason: Well for regular old modeling, just start making contacts with photographers in your area… See if you have that look first..

Lorraine: You’ve written a couple of books, as well. Can you tell us a little about them, why you decided to write them, and where we can buy them?

Jason: Yes, Journey of a Male Model & Overexposed. Both are modeling books designed to help models become models… both are available on

i_know_what_you_did_last_summer_97_by_jasonaaronbaca-d4few1vLorraine: You’ve had a taste of Hollywood and movies. Can you tell us a little about your experience, and is this something you’d like to do more of in the future?

Jason: Yes I have had a taste of Hollywood. I’m still a sag member but I’m not much the actor. I found out early on that I have a hard time acting and saying my lines at the same time… It takes a special person to be an actor. If I do anymore in the future, it will be little stuff probably… Like running around not saying anything in the movie… hahaah..

Lorraine: Were you star struck at all at first or were you able to look at the actors as normal people?

Jason: Saw them as normal people. I had no clue that they were big shots.. During hair & makeup we’d often talk a lot to one another and then again at lunch times… and on location of course. But no, never panicked over any of them.

Lorraine: While we’re on the subject, who is your favorite actor and/or actress and what is your favorite movie? Favorite TV show?

Jason: That actor Kevin Spacey is pretty darn good at what he does..  Far as actresses…  There are a bunch but none pop out in my head.. Maybe the lead girl from Scream, Neve Campbell.


Lorraine: What type of music do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite singer or band?

Jason: All kinds of music! Of course Genesis has always been a top band of mine.

Lorraine: What kinds of hobbies do you have? What do you like to do for fun?

Jason: For fun? I really love exercising. Hitting the gym hard and doing some kind of aerobic activity after. It’s really me.

Lorraine: If you could have one wish, what would it be? (It has to be personal for you, not for someone else or even for world peace or to end hunger.)

Jason: Well it wouldn’t be money, it wouldn’t be a Ferrari..  One wish would maybe be to have better leg muscles. I work them out so hard and would wish that they’d grow bigger, fuller.

Lorraine: There’s always one big debate around here, and again, I’d like to get the male perspective. Which do you like better: vampires or werewolves, and why?

Jason: Vampires! Because they are more interesting of course!


Lorraine: Is there anything else you’d like to let everyone know about yourself before you leave?

Jason: Well I had a great time doing this interview Lorraine.. Thanks again for having me.  

Lorraine: It was a pleasure having you here. Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview—and for putting up with some of my unusual questions. Good luck with your career and keep those amazing photos coming.


The winning commenter will receive an autographed model card from Jason. Just remember to leave your email with your comment so Jason can get in touch with you. Giveaway runs through 3/12/13.

If you would like to purchase any of Jason’s stock photos—or if you just want to check out more pics of this hunk of a man—here is the link:

You can also find Jason on Pinterest.

So what did you think of this interview? Did you enjoy learning more about the man behind the cover photos? Be sure to leave a comment to show Jason your support and to enter the giveaway.


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I.J. Miller’s Wuthering Nights: An Erotic Retelling of Wuthering Heights

An erotic retelling of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights…

Today I’m happy to have author I.J. Miller with me. He is here to talk about why his hero is a brute. Take it away, I.J.


by I.J. Miller

What a challenge! Last August my editor at Grand Central Publishing commissioned me to do an erotic retelling of Emily Bronte’s classic, Wuthering Heights. It’s five months later and the result is WUTHERING NIGHTS, available in e-book now, as a trade paperback in April. I thought the biggest test would be writing a quality book in such a short time, but the true challenge was how to manage a hero, Heathcliff, who is a true brute.

My first focus was making sure that this book was different than your typical erotic mashup and wasn’t built around a lot of verbatim text with some sex thrown in. I worked hard to stay true to the original language, themes, and characters, but added several new plot twists and turns that help make the eroticism more organic and heightens the romance. But what was I going to do about Heathcliff?

As I immersed myself in dissecting the original and preparing for the erotic version, I was completely struck by how flawed and brutal Bronte’s hero was. However, as I went even deeper I realized his awfulness is part of what makes the book so great and why so many remember it. Bronte seemed to write it before all of the classic unwritten rules of fiction were formed, before self-censorship became a common guide for writers. She bares all of him, including his selfishness and brutality. My first instinct was to clean him up and make him more palatable for a modern audience not used to such a flawed

hero. I then decided that would do the book a great injustice and I had to interpret it as true as I could.

So Heathcliff will get your heart stirring one way or the other. He was abused as a child so he does deserve some compassion. I also try to get into the deeper reasons behind his harsh actions as well as probe his inner desire for redemption. But there is no running from the fact that he is someone who likes getting his way and is not afraid to use his physical size and powerful demeanor to achieve his ends. In WUTHERING NIGHTS he is the same way in the bedroom as both a dominant and sensual lover. I simply tried to avoid making any judgments and portrayed him in the same exposed way Bronte did, with no punches pulled. He will still inspire a myriad of emotions in the reader. Some may love him. Some may hate him. Some may love to hate him. But how cool is that?

Thank you, Emily Bronte for such unfiltered inspiration.


Just before the light of dawn, not long after Nelly had left his bedside, the dark figure of Heathcliff moved swiftly along the moors. He carried nothing, for he owned nothing. He wore no shirt, for the one he possessed, a bloody mess, was left in the barn. He soon arrived at Black Rock Cragge, surveyed the surrounding landscape of the place he called home since arriving from Liverpool. To the north, was Thrushcross Grange. To the south, was Wuthering Heights. To the east, first light of day was about to break, but there was only a slight clearness above the horizon. The rest of the sky was a charcoal black of storm clouds.

Heathcliff stood, shirtless, at the edge of the precipice, fifty feet above the pool and sharp pointed rocks where Catherine and he had sealed their vow, arms rising up to the heavens, palms turning outward, as he welcomed the tempest.

The storm came rattling over the moors in full fury. The hard rain struck his face. There was a violent wind, as well as thunder, and a bolt of lightning revealed a twisted smile on his face.

He had listened to his beloved speak of the many ways she loved another.

He had heard his darling say that to marry him would degrade her.

He had heard his most venerated speak words that violated their sacred vow.

He had allowed a cowardly bully to have his way with him.

He had endured the pompous and shallow Linton family separating him from his treasure as if he were trash to be tossed to the pigs.

He knew now that he could have had his way with Catherine at any time: in the garret on Christmas night, during their stolen moments in the fields, if he had wanted to take her the way he had Nelly this very eve and that she would have been powerless to resist the strength in his hands, the fire in his eyes, the hunger in his mouth, the forceful strength between his legs.

Even now….If he wanted her.

But after all that had happened tonight he could not see one, single, solitary way to have Catherine in the truest of forms. He could love her as Heathcliff: falling to his knees for the chance to place his lips upon her feet, rising each day simply to rest his eyes upon her loveliness, baring his soul just to receive her simplest of touches. But she needed more, much more. She needed Edgar as well. And though the lad was as spineless as a worm, he had the fair skin and blue eyes of a gentleman, the costume and manners of a man of dignified birth, the wealth and station of someone who could fulfill Catherine with the luxury of life at the Grange and the noble status of being called his wife.

What was the point if he could not have her completely and she would not be satisfied with all that was him?

But should they all be absent of the suffering that ripped through his soul as the storm whipped through the firs on the moors?

“NAY!” shouted Heathcliff to the sky, daring God to strike him down now if he so planned.

But as bolts of lightning came and went, from sky to ground, all around the moors, there was nary a flicker at Black Rock Cragge.

“Then a curse be on them!” cried Heathcliff. “A curse for a thousand years and more. I place a curse on the Earnshaws and Lintons, for all the pettiness you inspire, the meanness of spirit you invoke, and because you would not allow two people to love in the pure righteous way that lay buried in their hearts.”

A loud, angry bolt came crashing down, but it did not strike Heathcliff and he continued to smile.

“A curse on all those Earnshaws and Lintons living and all those to be born! For as I stand here on the cragge, as long as I draw breath, and even from the hell where I will surely land, I will reap pleasure from seeing each and every one of you suffer!”

Despite the rain pounding his face, Heathcliff let out an horrific, bone-chilling, bloodcurdling scream that paled the death cry of any wounded animal, a scream that startled awake and went down the spine of each Earnshaw and Linton like a razor splitting a soul in two—although they could not be sure it was human, animal, or just the storm they had heard—disturbing deeply every last one of them, including the baby curled inside Mrs. Earnshaw.

And then he jumped.

Amazon link for Wuthering Nights


I.J. Miller is the author of five, distinct, literary, erotic works of fiction: SEESAW was translated into two languages, with over 130,000 copies in print; WHIPPED appeared in both English and German; SEX AND LOVE, a collection of short stories, made its debut in the summer of 2011; CLIMBING THE STAIRS, a novella, was released just a year later. His latest novel, WUTHERING NIGHTS, is an erotic retelling of Emily Bronte’s classic, Wuthering Heights, and is published by the Grand Central Publishing imprint of Hatchette Books. It is available now as an e-book and will be in bookstores in trade paperback on April 23. Miller has a Master of Fine Arts from the American Film Institute and has taught creative writing and screenwriting at the university level.




I’d like to thank I.J. for visiting with me today and sharing his hot new book. I guess we’ll never look at the classics the same way again, and I truly love that idea.

What about you? What do you think of reworking a classic like this? What about all the retellings of fairytales lately? Not just in books, but in movies too? I must admit; I loved the movie Snow White and the Huntsman–and I would have even without Chris Hemsworth, but he made it really good. 😉


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Nocturnal Bites Giveaway

I am over at Louisa Bacio’s blog today talking vampires and my series. Head over for your chance to win a copy of my latest release, the anthology, Nocturnal Bites.


TNSS: Anthology

TNSS: Anthology


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Louisa Bacio Guest Post & Giveaway: The “Un” Vampire

Today I’d like to welcome Louisa Bacio to my blog. She’s talking about one of my favorite subjects: Vampires. But that’s not all you’ll find in her books… Take it away Louisa!

The “Un” Vampire

After finishing the novella Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage, I reflected on the “humanizing” of my vampire character, Nick. Does he truly have vampiric characteristics?

In the erotic series The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf, the paranormals are called The Others. With the vampires, there are those who fit in within society. Most might consider them odd – with abnormal hours and a seductive quality – and then there are the Rogues, those who hunt to appease blood lust and see humans as prey.

The clashing world of The Others plays heavier in some books more than others. For Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage, the story primarily deals with the title’s namesake, Mirabella, who is the niece of the Quarter’s Voodoo Queen.

While the hero character Nick doesn’t go out on a feeding frenzy, sucking the lifeforce from every moving creature, this story features more of his internal soul searching. He needs to discover his true nature, and come to grips with his self-worth: Ultimately, does he deserve to love?

Tell me: How do you like your vampires? A little bit naughty? With a conscious and a soul?

Thanks so much for hosting me today. Look forward to your visit later this month!

Mardi Gras Menage

Mirabella’s Mardi Gras Ménage

Constantly under the watchful eye of her Voodoo priestess aunt, Mirabella longs to break free during the events of Mardi Gras. Escapades draw her into the arms of Marguerite, a fiery redhead with a passion for life, and Nick, a familiar vampire who’s haunted by his transformation and past.

What starts as a new experience – a Mardi Gras Ménage – soon turns deadly, and none of their lives will ever be the same.

Available via Ravenous Romance, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other eRetailers.


Louisa Bacio is the author of six erotic novels, including the paranormal series The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf, and numerous steamy short stories.

Bacio enjoys soaking up the sun in Southern California, and spending time with her family. In addition to writing and editing, Bacio teaches college courses in English, journalism, film studies and popular culture.

Drop in for a visit at:


Leave a comment with a valid email address, and one person will take home the choice of one of a book from my backlist. This part of the giveaway runs through 2/26/13, and the winner will be announced on 2/27/13.


Also, check out the Grand Prize I’m hosting for this new release:

Mardi Gras package includes Kitchen Witch spices, beads, fluer di lis cookie cutter, mask, etouffee mix. Shipping to the U.S. Value is worth $20 + the cost of shipping. I reserve the right to substitute the prize in case product is not available. If the winner is international, they can choose a $15 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


I’d like to thank Louisa for being a guest with me today, and don’t forget to answer her questions from above: How do you like your vampires? A little bit naughty? With a conscious and a soul?



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Kharisma Rhayne Guest Post: Highlander Mine Tour & Giveaway

Today I’m happy to welcome Kharisma Rhayne for her stop here on her Highlander Mine Tour. Be sure to comment–and leave your email–to be entered in the giveaway. And don’t forget to check out the links at the end of the post–including another great giveaway.


Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

Why did I choose a Highlander? There’s just something strong about them. I find, as a strong woman, I always wonder what it would have been like if I had a man to take care of me, to protect me from the rough world that was around all those years ago.

In writing this serial, I’m allowed to live in the time period I wish I had been born in. Watch the fight for clans and love. The protection offered by the men…the warriors that held everyone together and more.

The best part? I got to make Breandan and his friends exactly how I wanted them to be. I hope you’ll fall in love with them too.

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.



Since today is the last day I’m featuring Episode 1 on this tour, I thought we’d have a giveaway of the episode. If you’d like to be entered to win, be sure to leave a comment. The blog host will select the winner and email me your details…be sure to leave your email address.



Season 1 – Episode 1

Meet Auralee Fraser and see into her life as it is in 2012. As a history major doing Scottish research (and fluent in Gaelic) she feels misplaced – perhaps born in the wrong century. But, she is still a woman and her over-protective brother is on her last nerve.


Be sure to check HERE and visit all the blogs on this tour for neat details.

Also, be sure to stop by my site (HERE) for a chance to win the complete Season 1 of Highlander Mine.

Pick up episode 1 at AReAmazonBarnes & Noble

highlander mine bannerfb_final


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I’m Looking for Guest Posts

As you can see, I have added a Guest Posts page because—you guessed it—I’m now accepting guest posts.

I thought it would be a fun addition to my blog and would give a little variety to the posts here. Plus I want to help promote other writers, etc. and give a voice to readers or anyone else who has something to say about topics similar to what I blog about.

All the details are on the Guest Posts page, so go up to the top and click on it to find out more.

I already have one guest post scheduled. Kharisma Rhayne will be here on 2/3/13. Another one is being lined up. Cover model Jason Aaron Baca will be here sometime within the next few months, as well.

Can’t wait to start these guest posts. 🙂

Oh, and stay tuned for what I’m going to unveil next. Hint: it has to do with…SEX. I hope to have the post up soon.


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