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Night Therapy Update, and a Post by the Hero, Johnathan McCombs

TNSS: Book 4

TNSS: Book 4

I finally finished the first draft of Night Therapy today. It only took me a week longer than I’d planned, but it did end up about 8,000 words over my expected count so that explains the extra week. Not a big deal. It’s hard to say what the word count will be after revisions, anyway.

My tentative schedule is to work on revisions and have the first beta reads done over the next 4 to 6 weeks, and then I’ll send it off to the editor. Add another 4 to 6 weeks for edits after that. This leaves the month of August for the last beta reads and a final polish. I’m shooting for a release date in early September.

So, to hold you over while awaiting the release, I have a few things planned. First, in case you missed it over at Heartthrob Haven, below is Johnathan’s hero post. I also have an interview with Johnathan that I’ll post at some point, as well as a follow up to that interview. As I do revisions, I’ll post a few more teaser excerpts. And I’ll also be running a giveaway here and there over the next few months.

Now I’m turning this blog over to Johnathan. I’ll warn you, he has an attitude a mile long and likes to use a lot of cuss words. Take it away, Johnathan…

Look, before I even get started, I think you all should know I’m not really a people person. My author, Lorraine Pearl, asked me to come here and do this fu— Uh, I mean, she asked me to come do this hero post. Huh, as if I qualify. Did I mention I’m here against my better judgment? And she had the nerve to make me promise to tone my attitude down. Well fu—

Okay. Sorry. I guess she might have a point. Anyway, my name is Johnathan McCombs. Lorraine said I should tell you a little something about myself, so here goes.

I’m a vampire. Have been for over six hundred years. I’m a loner; happy when it’s just me and my motorcycle. Unfortunately, a few years back I let my sire, Alex, talk me into joining his Enforcer Team to go after rogues who break our laws. Keep it in the family or some shit like that was what he told me.

Sorry again. Like I said, I’m not good at this social thing. Hope you don’t mind the language.

No. That’s a lie. I really don’t give two shits.

Man, Lorraine laughs when I say that since vampires don’t need to use the bathroom.

Now where was I? Oh, yeah. Telling you about myself. Well, I guess I could sum it up by saying I’m effed up. No, really. The shit that happened before and after I was turned did a number on my head—and apparently on my personality, too.

Alex has been on my ass to talk about it all these years, but it wasn’t until recently that I found the balls to do it.

So now I have this sexy psychotherapist, Stephanie Taylor, who I’ve got the hots for. I’m sure she’d never admit it, but she’s into me, too.

And don’t go getting all pissy like Lorraine does. I’m a vampire. Of course I’m going to use my powers to feel people out. Can I help it if Stephanie’s lust for me is palpable at times? Okay, I actually can turn off my abilities, but when I catch her stealing glances below the belt, how am I supposed to resist?

In any case, none of that matters. She’s human, I’m not. And she’s my therapist—you know, some crazy shit about keeping professional boundaries and it being unethical for her to get involved with a client. Not that she’s said this out loud, but she’s thought it.

Yes, I read her mind. So sue me.

I wouldn’t want anything serious with her, though. Not really my style. But Lorraine has this crazy idea that if I go in there and pour out my soul to Stephanie then we’ll magically fall in love.

Huh. Like I’d ever fall in love.

But I see through all this romance crap. For starters, the chances of me opening up that much are slim to none. Not to mention the fact I know exactly how these romance novels work. Lorraine will put me and Stephanie through all sorts of hell before we can earn our happily ever after.

No. Lorraine is crazy if she thinks any of that will happen. And that’s not even accounting for Stephanie’s resistance to something like that. She’s a good woman and would never compromise her ethical beliefs.

Even if there was a way to break down her walls, there would still be things standing in our way. My issues, her issues—although I am intrigued to find out what pain she’s hiding—and that tiny problem of me being immortal and her mortal.

But the biggest issue would be the fact vampires have just been put on the endangered species list. Not because our numbers have dwindled, but because the Hunters have apparently come up with a plan to take us all out for good. Problem is we can’t get the details on their plan so we can attempt to stop them.

It really sucks—and yeah, I know that was a bad pun. But seriously, just when I decide to start getting my shit together it looks like my life might be cut short. I guess that’s about how it always goes, doesn’t it?

Before I leave, I wanted to tell you a little more about Stephanie. She’s been my therapist for a few months now, and she is the most compassionate woman I’ve ever met. I haven’t hit her with my secret yet, but I plan to tell her I’m a vampire in our next session. I know she’ll be shocked, but I also know I can trust her.

I’ve felt it in her. And I’ve listened to her thoughts a few times to be certain. Don’t get pissy about it like Lorraine does. Vampires have to do these things before we can bring someone into our world. That’s just how it works.

My point is she won’t judge me for my past. She’ll help me deal with it. I’m sure the extent of all I’ve done will put her empathy to the test, but I have no doubt she’ll come through for me. Even though she has deep pain and loneliness inside her—similar to what’s inside me—she’s strong. I can tell she’s survived some type of trauma but can’t quite reach into her mind far enough to find out exactly what.

She’s beautiful outside and in. If things were different, I would love to ease her pain and treat her like a queen. I’d do whatever I could to be her therapy, too. I’d make her forget her past. But something tells me my wonderful personality would fu— Sorry. You get the picture.

Maybe there’s a part of me that hopes Lorraine’s scheme to get us together will work, but I still can’t imagine it will.

There’s a lot more to me and my story, but like I said, I’m not really a people person, and my skin is crawling as I sit here telling you all this. So if you don’t mind, I want to go hop on my V Star and get the hell out of here. You can read the rest of my story when my book, Night Therapy, comes out in a few months.

Oh, there’s one more thing I promised Lorraine I’d tell you. If you want to read about that idiot, Bastian Evanko, you can grab the first books in the series. Even though I have no use for Bastian, I can sort of feel for him because of all the shit he’s gone through.

I only hope Lorraine doesn’t torture me anywhere near as much as she did him.

I’d say thanks for having me here, but it certainly was not my pleasure. Apparently the torture has already begun.

Night Therapy

Vampire Johnathan McCombs has spent the last century isolating from humanity whenever possible, trying to come to terms with a past that haunts him. When he finally realizes he needs help dealing with his issues, he seeks out a mortal psychologist, hoping her ethical boundaries of confidentiality will allow him to reveal his secrets. He tries to ignore his growing attraction for his therapist, but when circumstances throw them together outside the professional setting of her office, will he be able to contain his passion?

Psychologist Stephanie Taylor connects with her clients because personal experience has made her understand what heartache and trauma do to a person. But when her hot new client drops the bomb on her that he is a vampire, she has no idea what to do or how to react. Now she must look at her life in a whole new light. She has inadvertently put her life in danger and become part of a dark world she thought was only pretend.

In one night, everything changes. Old rivals pull Stephanie into their fight, and Johnathan must make a life or death decision. But can Stephanie forgive him for the irreversible choice he makes with her life? Can the couple find peace with their individual problems to have a chance at a lasting relationship? And how will the brewing war between vampires and Hunters affect them?

Fangs Divider copy copy

So what did you think of Johnathan? Even though he doesn’t seem too happy to have done this post, I’m willing to force him to answer your questions if you’d like to leave any with your comments.

If you’d like information and purchase links for the first books in the series, head over to The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

Praise for the series…

“The chemistry between Bastian and Nicole is off the charts HAWT! WOW!! The world building is interesting and the plot is very intriguing. I love the author’s writing style and the editing was spot on. If you are a fan of Erotic PNR, you are going to love this series. It’s kind of like Laura Wright meets Lora Leigh with a pinch of JR Ward thrown in the mix.” Danie – Amazon Kindle reviewer.

“I am digging this Novella series by Lorraine Pearl. I finished Nocturnal Surrender & immediately purchase the next book in the series, Midnight Confessions. Great back story, character & story development. Oh, and let’s not skip over the hot and I mean incredibly hot sex between Bastian & Nicole that makes you weak in the knees & tingly all over.” Sharon – Amazon Kindle reviewer.


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Character Spotlight: Vampire Bastian Evanko

Quick Stats:

  • Vampire
  • 963 years old
  • 6’2”
  • Blond hair
  • Blue eyes
  • In a relationship
  • Bartender at Nocturnal Surrender

Bastian’s Books:

  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Nocturnal Surrender
  • Midnight Confessions
  • Note: Bastian will also be in the rest of The Nocturnal Surrender Series books but won’t be a main character again until the final novel, which is untitled at this point.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:


Interview with the Vampire Bastian:

Note: This interview is similar to the one from Paranormal Cravings, but this version has some things removed and many others added.

Bastian kindly agreed to sit down with me to do this interview. I explained that we would be going over some standard questions so everyone could get to know him better, but I had to compromise with him a little.

The only way he would do this was if he could be himself. I’ll warn everyone now; he has a bit of a dirty mouth sometimes. He promised to try toning it down, but we’ll see…

Lorraine: Okay, let’s get started with some simple questions.

Bastian crossed his arms, those massive biceps bulging out from under the tight sleeves of his black T-shirt, and rolled his eyes.

Bastian: Let’s just get this over with.

I sighed. This was going to be a long interview with that attitude of his.

Lorraine: Can you tell everyone your name, please?

Bastian: It’s Bastian Evanko—and don’t even think of calling me Bastard Evanko. You don’t want to piss me off.

Yep, we were off to a great start. I could only imagine how this might end.

Lorraine: And what’s your occupation?

Bastian: I’m a bartender at my brother’s sanguinarian nightclub, Nocturnal Surrender.

Lorraine: Could you tell us what species you are?

Bastian’s eyes grew wide and he bared his fangs as his irises shifted from blue to silver.

Bastian: What’s it look like?

Just when I thought he might try using those daggers in his mouth, he sat back and laughed.

Bastian: Seriously, what kind of question was that? You know I’m a vampire. Hell, that’s what you made me.

Lorraine: Remember, Bastian, this interview is for the readers. These are questions they need answered so they can decide if they want to spend some time with you or not.

Bastian: I still think this was a stupid idea. I don’t know how I let you talk me into it. I don’t have time for all this. I have to plot my revenge. I have a pretty little psychotherapist to kill, remember?

Lorraine: Way to score points. You could at least let everyone know you only want revenge because your fiancée was murdered two hundred years ago.

Bastian: I don’t owe anyone an explanation. Fu—

I held up my hand, trying to cut him off before he went too far. Thankfully, it worked.

Lorraine: Why don’t we get back to the questions?

When he nodded, I continued.

Lorraine: How old are you?

Bastian: Close to a thousand years old, but I’m not doing the math to figure out the exact number. I couldn’t even keep track when I was mortal.

Lorraine: How tall are you?

Bastian: Six foot two, I think. And I really don’t get what difference that makes.

I shot him a glare. He apparently got the point because he waved his hand for me to go on. I wanted to ask him why he was still vamped out, but I thought better of it.

Then without warning, he snatched the list of questions from me.

Bastian: Well, this just gets better, doesn’t it? Fine, here we go. Hair color: Blond. Eyes: Blue. Identifying physical marks…

He looked up at me then grinned mischievously.

Bastian: I don’t have any, but I could put a set of marks on you.

Lorraine: Uh, no. You can’t. You promised your girlfriend, Nicole, you wouldn’t feed on anyone other than her.

Time to change the subject.

Lorraine: Who would play you in a movie?

He sat up in his seat and laughed then leered at me for a minute.

Bastian: Why don’t you tell me? You already have someone in mind, and I honestly think he could do the job. He has the build to match mine—and the hair.

I clenched my fists and tried to burn a hole through him with my eyes.

Lorraine: You need to stay the fu—

I cleared my throat, relaxed my hands, and took a deep breath.

Lorraine: You promised not to listen to my thoughts.

He chuckled, obviously getting a kick out of my temporary loss of composure.

Bastian: Come on. It was only for this. I didn’t think you’d mind on something so simple. Now tell everyone who you see playing me. Please.

Wow, a powerful vampire begging is quite sexy—even if he is just teasing. Shit. I hoped he wasn’t listening to my thoughts anymore. Unfortunately, the smirk on his face said he was.

Lorraine: Fine. I see Chris Hemsworth with his Thor look portraying you. Happy now?

Bastian: Extremely.

His smile melted most of the residual anger I had.


Lorraine: It’s time for some rapid-fire questions. I’ll give you two options and you choose which you prefer.

I didn’t wait for him to agree.

Day or Night: Night, of course.

Single or Taken: Definitely taken. Sorry ladies.

Cat or Dog: Well, dogs have more blood, so—

Lorraine: That’s not what I meant. Let’s just skip that one.

I’d forgotten he spent two hundred years in exile as a punishment and was only allowed to feed on animals during that time. I really feel bad for everything I put him through in his first book, but I have no intention of bringing that up with the mood he’s in.

Gun or Knife: Neither. My fangs are my weapons of choice.

Upper body or Lower body: You really want me to choose between tits and pus—

I cut him off quickly.

Blonde or Brunette: Ah, Nicole has the most beautiful long dark hair.

Down town or Nature: Nature. I do miss Montana.

Love or Sex: Sex…with love. Is there a right answer here? Why do I feel like that’s a loaded question?

Lorraine: Maybe you’re just paranoid.

Bacon and eggs or Pancakes: Who doesn’t love bacon? Hell, I barely eat much human food and I love it. I can do without the eggs and pancakes, though.

Lips or Neck: Neck then lips. Or maybe that was lips then neck. But if I had to choose just one, you know I need the neck.

Dead or Alive: None of this undead bullshit. I am very much alive, thank you.

Lorraine: Okay, just a few more questions and we’ll be finished then you can—

Bastian: It’s about time. I haven’t fed in a while and your neck is starting to look very appetizing.

Lorraine: Why on earth wouldn’t you feed before coming here for this interview?

Bastian: If you must know, I was busy with Nicole—know what I mean? I try not to feed on her more than twice a week, and I didn’t have time to get back home and grab something.

Lorraine: Okay then. We’ll try to hurry this along. Do you have any special talents, anything interesting you’d like to share about yourself? Oh, and keep it clean. We can all imagine how talented you are in certain areas.

Bastian: You really know how to take all the fun out of this, don’t you? Fine, besides those skills, I write song lyrics and sing with my friend’s band sometimes. I’m probably one of the best computer hackers in the world thanks to all that time in isolation with nothing better to do. Oh, and before my fiancée was killed, I took out a houseful of vamp Hunters alone—even after being shot and staked. You should have seen how I snatched the sword and sliced off—

Lorraine: I don’t think anyone wants to hear that story right now, and if they do, they’ll go find your first book, Nothing Lasts Forever, and read it for themselves. But now, let’s move on to your book, Midnight Confessions. It seems Nicole really caused all sorts of upheaval in your life just by popping by for a surprise visit. What were you thinking when you decided to confess your secret to her?

Bastian: Basically I was thinking, oh shit, here we go again. The last thing I wanted was to put my trust in another woman only to have her tear my heart out by betraying me. No, scratch that. The last thing I wanted was to put Nicole’s life in danger and have her end up dead like Elise.

He lowered his head and sat silent for a moment. I respected him, giving him time to grieve. Even after two hundred years, there was no mistaking his love for Elise. When he looked back to me, he sighed and nodded for me to continue.

Lorraine: You’ve been pulled into this brewing war between vampires and Hunters, and your brother Donovan is right there in the middle of it all, too. What do you think might happen?

Bastian: Hell if I know. If the Hunters’ attack ends up being as massive as Donovan’s research shows it might, I’d say vamps’ days are numbered. The worst part is, if they would let me use my hacking skills to help, we’d be able to find out a lot more and maybe stop this before it’s too late. But no… I’m too reckless to trust. Well fu—

Lorraine: Okay, Bastian. Just calm down. You can’t do anything about it right now. If you really think about it, though, maybe you’d be better off putting your energy into figuring out a way to convince them they need your help rather than plotting revenge.

The glare he shot me nearly knocked me back in my chair.

Bastian: There is no fucking way I will not avenge Elise so get that out of your head right now.

He crossed his arms again and huffed, staring at me as if I’d lost my mind. I wanted to tell him another innocent death wouldn’t change things but doubted it would make a difference—other than to piss him off more. I said the only other thing I could think of.

Lorraine: What about Nicole?

Bastian: Now you sound like Donovan. Look, Nicole knows what I am. She knows I’m a killer. There’s no taking that out of a vamp, and I’m damn happy there isn’t. She either loves me for me or we don’t have a chance. I can’t change who I am or what I am.

Sounded like an excuse to me. Maybe it was time to wrap this up.

Lorraine: Well, that’s all the questions I have for you, but before you leave, is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Bastian: I’m not really such a bad guy. I just want to be treated with respect and to be loved for—no, in spite of—who and what I am. I’ve had enough heartache in my life. I don’t know if I can handle another betrayal. But I do know one thing; I will have my retribution.

With that, Bastian stood, bowed, and left—still vamped out. Maybe he hadn’t shifted his eyes and teeth back to normal because he was angry and hungry.

I’d never admit this to him, but I wouldn’t have minded if he bit me. That is one sexy vampire. Granted he’s a little twisted, but he’s been through a lot. I’m sure he’ll grow over time.

Does anyone have any thoughts or questions about Bastian—even if you wanted to ask Bastian to answer? Any questions about the series or my versions of vampires? What do you think of Chris Hemsworth as Bastian? Lastly, would you let Bastian bite you?


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