Auburn Lust: Excerpt 1

07 Apr
TNSS: Short Story

TNSS: Short Story

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Laureline was grateful Christof hadn’t wanted her to join in, not that she thought he would after all these years. And there was somewhat of an unspoken agreement between her and Rochelle. Christof was off limits other than a little foreplay. If he would have agreed to her proposal, she’d have come up with a way out. Laughed it off as a joke.

Truth was, she had someone else on her mind, and she’d called to let him know of her availability the moment Rochelle led Christof away.

Donovan Evanko sat waiting, much like Christof had been earlier, glass in hand. She had no idea what the men preferred to drink. Not her area of expertise. Stefan took care of the whims of their clientele. But she did know what they favored in other areas.

And Donovan always liked the sex with Laureline to be a little rough—and so did she. Being older than him made her stronger, able to take whatever he gave.

As the owner of the sanguinarian nightclub, Nocturnal Surrender, he undoubtedly had an endless supply of willing humans to feed upon and take to his bed if he chose. For some reason, though, he never struck her as the type to use women in such a way. Mind control to obtain sex? No, definitely not him.

He is a good man.

And hot as hell.

She admired his long blond hair as she slinked up behind him. How she loved grabbing it and riding him ruthlessly. Warm desire pulsed through her at the thought of him inside her, filling her completely.

He didn’t turn to her when he said, “I’m glad you called.” After sitting down his drink, he stood and strode around the couch.

Laureline braced herself. The desire in his eyes let her know foreplay was not in the cards with him.

Donovan’s eyes shifted from pale blue to silver and his fangs descended the second he stepped in front of her. She reacted in kind.

He grabbed her waist and pinned her body to his then kissed her with dominance. She moaned into his mouth as his fangs punctured her lip. Her core throbbed when he sucked at the drops of blood.

Holding her firm with one hand, he trailed the other up her back and into her hair, fisting it tightly as he devoured her mouth again. He turned and guided her until he pushed her into the wall. She gasped from the force, and from his erection grinding against her. At this rate, they would be lucky to make it upstairs. But with Rochelle otherwise engaged, and the staff’s well-trained discretion, it wouldn’t matter.

He can take me right here.

Donovan’s hands slithered downward until he lifted her dress. Then he grabbed her legs and hoisted her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him, thankful the new position allowed his cock to press against her clit. Pulses of longing surged through her each time he thrust forward.

At times like these, she hated her job. She’d rather have torn his pants off and forced him inside her. But this was about him. Nothing could happen until he was ready, even if she died from need in the meantime. She hadn’t been servicing him long enough to take control—yet.

He feathered kisses along her jaw then her neck. His fangs scraped a trail of white heat down her throat and she ran her nails up his back, trying not to shred his shirt in the process. He groaned into her flesh.

“Please, Lori… Now…” His voice was hoarse as he inched their bodies apart.

She reached between them and undid his pants with preternatural speed. His fingers slipped into her panties and her breathing hitched. He yanked them to the side and shoved his shaft into her. She’d barely had the chance to guide it and get her hand out of the way.

He slammed her repeatedly, clutching her hair in one hand and gripping her ass firmly with the other, squeezing at times. Completely dominating her. She gave herself over to him, enjoying the rhythmic friction of his cock gliding in and out.

Finally he eased his hand toward her throat, encircling her neck and rubbing his thumb up and down the front. She had told him she liked that during their last encounter, hoping he’d remember. Though she didn’t need to breathe, she allowed his firm grip to make her gasp for air slightly.

Her core throbbed harder in response. “Yes, Donovan… That feels…so good.”

© Lorraine Pearl

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This erotic short story is only $0.99. If you want a hot, quickie read full of sexy vampires getting down and dirty, with a little emotion thrown in for good measure, then you’ll enjoy Auburn Lust.

For more information on the books in this series and for purchase links, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

Check out these awesome reviews of the next book in the series, Nocturnal Surrender:

“The chemistry between Bastian and Nicole is off the charts HAWT! WOW!! The world building is interesting and the plot is very intriguing. I love the author’s writing style and the editing was spot on. If you are a fan of Erotic PNR, you are going to love this series. It’s kind of like Laura Wright meets Lora Leigh with a pinch of JR Ward thrown in the mix.” Danie – Amazon Kindle reviewer about Nocturnal Surrender.

“I am digging this Novella series by Lorraine Pearl. I finished Nocturnal Surrender & immediately purchase the next book in the series, Midnight Confessions. Great back story, character & story development. Oh, and let’s not skip over the hot and I mean incredibily hot sex between Bastian & Nicole that makes you weak in the knees & tingly all over.” Sharon – Amazon Kindle reviewer about Nocturnal Surrender.


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