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Heartthrob Haven Hero Post by Vampire Johnathan McCombs

TNSS: Book 4

TNSS: Book 4

That’s right. The time has finally come for my newest hero, Johnathan, to speak his mind. This isn’t an interview but a post straight from the vampire himself. Damn, that guy has an attitude.

If you want to learn more about Johnathan and the upcoming novel he is in, Night Therapy, head over to Heartthrob Haven to see what he has to say.

In case you’d like to see a few more pics of this hunk of a vampire, I’ve added some below. This is model Francis J Cura. I snatched up a good many pics of him through You’ve probably seen him on a lot of covers, but I knew he was my Johnathan the second I saw him.



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WIP Erotic Excerpt Teaser #2: Night Therapy

I’m very close to finishing the first draft of Night Therapy. I’ve already hit my goal of 60,000 words, but I have at least 2 or 3 more chapters left to write. When I wrote this scene, I couldn’t resist sharing. Keep in mind this is still a rough draft and is unedited.

TNSS: Book 4

TNSS: Book 4

Content Warning 2 smaller


Was Stephanie ready to feed fresh without killing? Johnathan couldn’t call his sire and ask what to do with Alex talking to the Elders at the moment. Besides, it was time he fucking manned up and stopped crawling to Alex every time something difficult happened.

“I’ll wait for my offspring to finish freshening up before I feed. Please, have a seat in the meantime.” He gestured to chairs in front of the fireplace at the foot of the bed.

Apparently the two spoke English well enough to understand him because they smiled and did as he suggested.

He should probably give Stephanie a heads up so she didn’t walk out in just a towel…or less. Wishful thinking, but just in case he knocked on the door and entered the bathroom before she answered then closed the door behind him.

“Hey, Steph. Uh, I thought you should know our meals arrived. Alive.”

The shower door opened a bit, and Stephanie’s shampoo-covered head popped out. “Alive? As in they have to stay that way?”

“Yep. Ready for a crash course in how to feed fresh without killing?” Johnathan tried to act nonchalant, as if he believed she could handle this.

She wiped soap away from her eyes. “Do you think I’m ready?”

I hope you are. “Of course. Look at all you’ve done so far. Most newly-turned vamps can’t do half of what you can.”

“Oh, okay then. I trust your judgment. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” She closed the shower door abruptly, and he took the cue to get the hell out of there.

While he waited, he stared out the tinted, oversized window at the wide expanse of manicured grounds behind the manor. Having small talk with the food didn’t seem appropriate. It was easier to keep his back to them and not think about what might happen if Stephanie was unable to stop herself before one of them died.

When the bathroom door opened, he breathed deep and steeled himself to teach his offspring. But when he turned to face her, she took his unneeded breath away.

Her tight black pants and low-cut shirt made his cock tingle. The way her damp hair framed her beautiful face, accentuating her amber eyes and full, pink lips had his equally-unnecessary heartbeat thundering.

She glanced to the pair in front of the fireplace then her gaze landed squarely on him. When she licked her lips, ending by sucking in her lower one, and her eyes roamed his body, it was all he could do not to kick their food out of the room and throw her on the bed to ravish her.

He cleared his throat even as his fangs extended and his eyes shifted. “We should, uh…feed so they can get back to their rooms.”

Stephanie looked back to the mortals, her eyes turning silver with a different kind of hunger than when she had stared at him. He crossed the room before she could act on any urges she might have had. As he stepped in front of her, her mouth opened, her fangs prominently displayed.

He clasped her shoulders and whispered too low for anyone but her to hear. “You must calm your impulses. Use what Alex taught you. They belong to the Elders so you have to be gentle.”

After a few tense moments, she focused on Johnathan, the single-minded haze of the hunt gone from her silvery stare. She smiled and caressed his cheek. “I’m ready.”

He cradled her hand and guided her to their waiting meals. Part of him wanted to see them as people, but he had to suppress it. The Elders were old-school vamps and their world was entirely different than life in Lansford.

Plus, he had to teach Stephanie properly. “I will feed first.” He hoped she understood the implied, so you can see how it’s done.

The last thing he wanted was to watch a mortal male get off on her feeding from him, so Johnathan motioned for the man to stand. Johnathan knew how these willing-donor situations worked. The humans truly enjoyed being meals for immortals.

Not gonna happen with my woman.

Shit, he was being his same old controlling, asshole self.

He’d work more on that later. Thankfully, the timing wasn’t appropriate for his personality issues to take precedence.

Facing Stephanie so she would be able to see exactly what he did–and so he could maintain eye contact with her–he placed his hand behind the man’s neck and pulled him to his lips. As he sank his fangs into his meal’s flesh, something shifted inside Johnathan. He locked gazes with Stephanie, and for the first time in his immortal life, he didn’t feel as if he were stumbling aimlessly through his existence.

He didn’t feel lost and alone.

Warm, tangy blood filled his mouth as he sucked then it glided down his throat. The man moaned in his arms, arousal shooting off the mortal in waves. Apparently he was used to being fed on by male vampires. Johnathan opted not to listen to his thoughts, though.

If he wasn’t mistaken, Johnathan could have sworn a feeling of peace enveloped him for a few seconds–like the reverie his sire always spoke of.

Stephanie inched closer, her eyes still clear of the bloodlust. She watched intently, licking her lips occasionally. Her hand slithered along Johnathan’s arm and upward into his hair. She closed the space between them until her lips touched his cheek in a soft kiss. Then she shut her eyes as if to focus on another of her senses, most likely listening to the male’s heartbeat.

Another moan emanated from the man when Johnathan sucked in again. The ticking heart in the human’s chest slowed ever so slightly and dizziness radiated from him. Johnathan swallowed one last time then pulled his fangs out completely, sucking at the lingering blood on the man’s skin. With a slow lick, he sealed the two puncture wounds, and then helped the male back to his seat. A look of pure bliss softened the mortal’s masculine features.

The moment Johnathan turned back to Stephanie, she threaded her fingers in his hair again and tugged him to her. Her kiss was passionate, erotic, and his cock reacted, growing hard immediately.

If all the chaos and past issues were put to rest, they could have an amazing life together.

She backed away too quickly. “I’m hungry.”

The husky sexiness in her voice didn’t help with the problem in his jeans. He kept his back to their meals but motioned for the woman to stand.

Hell, he hadn’t thought it through this far. If the woman became as aroused as the man had, the sight of Stephanie taking her neck would drive him over the edge.

As he offered the female to Stephanie, he reminded her to be gentle, his voice raspy.

When she winked at him and slipped her arm around the woman’s waist, he knew he was in for it. Stephanie used her free hand to brush her meal’s long dark hair aside to expose her slender neck.

Johnathan’s cock ached.

Stephanie’s lips parted and she leaned into the woman’s throat but kept her eyes fixed on his. She sank her fangs in, and as she sucked, she pulled the woman tighter, holding the small of her back and grasping her hair. The woman moaned and writhed in Stephanie’s arms.

Johnathan scrubbed a hand over his face. Damn, she’s trying to kill me.

Was it getting hot in there? Was the oxygen being sucked out of the room?

Granted, he didn’t need it to survive, but at that moment, it felt like he’d suffocate from his inability to breathe.

He swallowed the lump in his throat and moved closer just as she had done.

Two could play at this game.

He fisted Stephanie’s hair and licked a trail along her throat. If she were more experienced and he didn’t have to worry she might drink her meal to death, he’d have bitten into her instead of just kissing where he had licked.

This time, Stephanie moaned, and Johnathan fought the urge to rip the woman out of her arms. He stifled a groan then did his best to refocus his attention on the mortal’s heartbeat and feelings.

A few seconds later, it was time for Stephanie to stop, but before he could tell her, she released the female. Stephanie’s tongue darted out and dragged a slow line along the woman’s throat, eliciting another moan as her wounds healed.

Johnathan let go of Stephanie and clenched his fist, biting back his desire.

Stephanie helped the woman sit then looked to Johnathan and licked her lips–slowly. “How did I do?”

A strangled noise escaped him, as did the ability to form coherent words. She laughed and sauntered to the bed. After she sat, she ran her hand suggestively up and down the corner post.

He pressed his lips together, his fangs digging in the bottom one, trying like hell to reign in his libido.

© Lorraine Pearl

Fangs Divider copy copy

Now what I want to know is, for those of you who aren’t turned off by the blood drinking, did you find this scene erotic or sensual at all? And if you normally are put off by the blood drinking, were you able to enjoy this scene anyway?



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My New Motorcycle, Named for my Vampire, Bastian

I traded in my 2006 V Star for this brand new V Star 1300 Tourer right before Easter. I had to wait these last few weeks for the accessories I ordered to come in. Now here HE is, all decked out with his new parts: fancier handgrips, crash bar, passenger floorboards, and extra lights in front. There’s still a lot I want to add to him, but this will do for now.

And yes, he is named after the vampire, Bastian, in the first book I ever published, Nothing Lasts Forever. Although he is named for Bastian, he is actually the motorcycle the hero, Johnathan, in my upcoming novel, Night Therapy, rides. But don’t tell Johnathan because he hates Bastian–for a very good reason. 😉

3 1 2So what do you think of him? And yes, this is a him. My husband told me since he’s mine, he can be a him.

For more information on the books that inspired his name, and for purchase links, check out my Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

In case you haven’t seen what Bastian and Johnathan look like, here you go…

TNSS: Book 2

TNSS: Book 2

TNSS: Book 4

TNSS: Book 4



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Fangs for Friday: TNSS Vampires 101

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????I decided it was time to do a post on the basics of the vampires in my Nocturnal Surrender Series as there have been some questions raised lately.

Why and how do my vampires breathe and have heartbeats?

This is for two main reasons. First, breathing and circulating blood can help cool them. Second, it helps them pass for human when needed.

They do not have to breathe or allow their hearts to beat, and they do have control over these things. They can go into full-on-vamp mode and shut these down or they can turn them on when needed.

Why are my vampires warm to the touch?

Simple, they aren’t dead. My vamps don’t have to die in order to be turned. As a matter of fact, if they die as a mortal, there’s no way to bring them back and turn them. They have to be alive to be turned, and they remain alive after turning. No undead vamps here. Sorry.

If my vampires have no bodily functions, how do the guys rise to the occasion?

Their bodies run on blood. The more blood the better. Obviously, a certain body part requires blood to pump it up. So my guys can get hard, but nothing comes out to make a mess when the fun reaches its climax. Every woman’s dream, right?

What about silver, stakes, crosses, garlic, sunlight, and mirrors?

Silver inside their bodies, especially liquid silver, is poisonous, but will not kill them. They can wear silver jewelry without a problem. Stakes will not kill them; only knock them out temporarily, if even that. Crosses and garlic are no problem. They can see themselves in mirrors. Sunlight will not make them burst into flames or turn to ash—or sparkle. It will weaken them with prolonged exposure, though.

Can my vampires eat human food?

My vamps can have human food and drinks if they want. Their bodies are able to break down and absorb small amounts of food, but they can’t eat a lot at one sitting since their bodies don’t expel waste.

What powers do my vampires have?

TNSS: Book 4

TNSS: Book 4

Their powers and strengths develop further with age, but some basics include mind control, hearing other’s thoughts, and feeling other’s emotions. For the most part, they are able to block other vamps from doing this to them except in certain instances. Other powers will develop with age.

My vamps also have super strength and speed. They have the ability to jump very far, but they cannot fly–unless they are old enough to develop powers of telekinesis and levitate themselves. Their senses are extremely heightened, as well.

What makes them vamp out?

Simple again. The three Fs. Feeding, fighting, and fu@#ing. It is a little difficult for them to hide when they are hungry, angry, or horny. Poor vamps.

What happens when they vamp out?

Their fangs extend and their eyes shift color to silver. They can normally see well in the dark, but when they vamp out, night looks bright as day.

How do vampire laws work?

The ruling Elders created a Code of laws that all vampires and their humans must follow. The Elders’ Enforcers and Sweeper Teams dispense justice to those who break the Code.

What’s up with the Hunters?

Hunters are mortals who believe in vampires and see them as evil, inhuman creatures and therefore have been trying to rid the world of them for millennia. Usually, Hunters pass down the tradition, keeping the business in the family, so to speak.

Fangs Divider copy copy

I’m sure there are many other questions you may have about my vampires. Please ask away in the comments, and let me know what you think about my take on vamps.

Oh, and you can not only ask me questions about the series and vamps, but you can also ask any character you’d like to answer your question. Want to pick Bastian’s brain? Go for it.

For more information on the books in this series and for purchase links, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.


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Midnight Confessions: Excerpt 2

TNSS: Book 3

TNSS: Book 3

Bastian was shocked. Part of him wanted to tell Nicole to fuck off for talking to him like that, but the other—more dominant—part wanted to grab her and tell her how much he needed her. That temper of hers did things to his libido he’d never experienced before. Normally he liked his women timid, with a wild streak only in bed, but her strength turned him on in ways he hadn’t known possible.

He had to have her now—no matter what.

As he strutted out of his room, his brother’s voice echoed in his head, spouting things about Bastian’s impulsiveness always getting him into trouble and how he was doing the same damn reckless behaviors as usual. He stopped in his tracks, knowing exactly what would happen if he followed through.

This wasn’t like it had been with Elise. He’d known her much longer, loved her deeply. She was worth the risk. Although, the risk had led to her death. Even if he didn’t love Nicole yet, he couldn’t put her life in danger because he was horny.

But he didn’t want her to leave thinking the worst of him. He was a better man than that—or at least he was trying to be. She needed to hear him out. Unfortunately, he had no idea what he wanted to say.

He flew down the stairs at vampire speed and slammed the door closed just as she opened it. “Wait, please. Don’t leave like this.”

She gasped and dropped her purse then turned around. “You scared the hell out of me. I didn’t even hear you coming.”

When she smacked him on the chest, he grabbed her wrist. The thought of backing her up against the door and taking her right there crossed his mind, but he pushed it aside before he lost control once more. “We need to talk this out. I didn’t mean what I said. I’m just…”

“There you go again. What do you expect me to think when it’s obvious you’re hiding something?” She tugged her arm free. “What, do you have another girlfriend? Or a wife?”

How can she think that about me? “No. I most certainly do not.”

“Then what is it? Tell me I didn’t see what I thought up there in that mirror. Tell me that I didn’t feel fangs when we kissed.” She stomped forward, backing him down the hall, stopping at the living room. After an awkward silence, she turned on her heel and tromped over to the couch, then flopped down and propped her feet up on the coffee table. “I’m waiting.”

What the hell could he do? He was in deep shit. As much as he didn’t want to, he listened to her thoughts in hopes of figuring a way out of this. She wanted him to have some kind of believable story because the alternative frightened her.

As it should.

He needed to convince her it really was her imagination. In truth, though, he didn’t want to lie any longer.

With a deep breath and racing heartbeat, he ambled into the room and sat on the edge of the coffee table. She moved her legs so he could scoot directly in front of her, then leaned up and stared at him intently.

Taking her hands in his, he made a decision he hoped not to regret. “What do you think you saw?”

She licked her lips and swallowed, waves of anxiety rolling off her. “I…I don’t know. I want you to tell me what I saw.”

“I could easily say I don’t know what you’re talking about, or that if you think you saw something out of the ordinary, you must have imagined it.” He stroked the backs of her hands with his thumbs. “I could, but I won’t. If we do this, I hope you’re prepared to spend the night because we will have a lot to work through, a lot to—”

The wall clock chimed as it struck midnight, and Nicole shuddered. Her heartbeat pounded deliciously.

Bastian did his best not to focus on it or her body—at least, not yet. “Anyway, if you want to know what I’m hiding, you must be willing to stay up all night talking.”

Her hands trembled. “I’ve noticed things before, things I tried to pretend I didn’t see. Some at work, some at Surrender, and some with you.”

“I know you have. And you’ve done what most people do. You passed it off as an overactive imagination, tricks of light, and whatever other excuses made you feel better. It’s human nature.” He moved closer and lowered his voice. “Do you believe you’re ready to know the truth?”

“No, but I need to know. Especially if it’s going to come between us the way it did tonight.”

He released one of her hands and caressed her face. “So strong and brave. I only hope you still want to be with me after I confess all to you.”

She leaned into his palm. “So do I.”

“Can I have one more kiss first?”

When she nodded, he threaded his fingers into her long dark hair and drew her in for a passionate kiss. Her soft lips and sweet tongue teased his heightened senses. His body tingled with desire, and he didn’t fight the natural reactions sweeping over him. His cock stiffened, his fangs descended, and his eyes built with slight pressure as they shifted. Then he pulled away slowly, parted his lips, and waited for Nicole’s reaction.

© Lorraine Pearl

Fangs Divider copy copy

Oooh, don’t you want to know what happens next? If you would like more information and the purchase links to this and the other books in the series, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.


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Hump Day Heat: Wet vs. Dry

For this edition of Hump Day Heat you have to decide which of these you prefer…


Wet and Sexy

Wet and Sexy

Wet and Sexy

Wet and Sexy


Dry and Sexy

Dry and Sexy

Dry and Sexy

Dry and Sexy

So those are your choices. Which will it be? Wet and sexy or dry and sexy? I think I’m partial to wet and sexy, but I wouldn’t turn away any of the dry and sexy hunks for some Hump Day Heat. 😛

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Auburn Lust: Excerpt 1

TNSS: Short Story

TNSS: Short Story

Content Warning 2 smaller

Laureline was grateful Christof hadn’t wanted her to join in, not that she thought he would after all these years. And there was somewhat of an unspoken agreement between her and Rochelle. Christof was off limits other than a little foreplay. If he would have agreed to her proposal, she’d have come up with a way out. Laughed it off as a joke.

Truth was, she had someone else on her mind, and she’d called to let him know of her availability the moment Rochelle led Christof away.

Donovan Evanko sat waiting, much like Christof had been earlier, glass in hand. She had no idea what the men preferred to drink. Not her area of expertise. Stefan took care of the whims of their clientele. But she did know what they favored in other areas.

And Donovan always liked the sex with Laureline to be a little rough—and so did she. Being older than him made her stronger, able to take whatever he gave.

As the owner of the sanguinarian nightclub, Nocturnal Surrender, he undoubtedly had an endless supply of willing humans to feed upon and take to his bed if he chose. For some reason, though, he never struck her as the type to use women in such a way. Mind control to obtain sex? No, definitely not him.

He is a good man.

And hot as hell.

She admired his long blond hair as she slinked up behind him. How she loved grabbing it and riding him ruthlessly. Warm desire pulsed through her at the thought of him inside her, filling her completely.

He didn’t turn to her when he said, “I’m glad you called.” After sitting down his drink, he stood and strode around the couch.

Laureline braced herself. The desire in his eyes let her know foreplay was not in the cards with him.

Donovan’s eyes shifted from pale blue to silver and his fangs descended the second he stepped in front of her. She reacted in kind.

He grabbed her waist and pinned her body to his then kissed her with dominance. She moaned into his mouth as his fangs punctured her lip. Her core throbbed when he sucked at the drops of blood.

Holding her firm with one hand, he trailed the other up her back and into her hair, fisting it tightly as he devoured her mouth again. He turned and guided her until he pushed her into the wall. She gasped from the force, and from his erection grinding against her. At this rate, they would be lucky to make it upstairs. But with Rochelle otherwise engaged, and the staff’s well-trained discretion, it wouldn’t matter.

He can take me right here.

Donovan’s hands slithered downward until he lifted her dress. Then he grabbed her legs and hoisted her into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him, thankful the new position allowed his cock to press against her clit. Pulses of longing surged through her each time he thrust forward.

At times like these, she hated her job. She’d rather have torn his pants off and forced him inside her. But this was about him. Nothing could happen until he was ready, even if she died from need in the meantime. She hadn’t been servicing him long enough to take control—yet.

He feathered kisses along her jaw then her neck. His fangs scraped a trail of white heat down her throat and she ran her nails up his back, trying not to shred his shirt in the process. He groaned into her flesh.

“Please, Lori… Now…” His voice was hoarse as he inched their bodies apart.

She reached between them and undid his pants with preternatural speed. His fingers slipped into her panties and her breathing hitched. He yanked them to the side and shoved his shaft into her. She’d barely had the chance to guide it and get her hand out of the way.

He slammed her repeatedly, clutching her hair in one hand and gripping her ass firmly with the other, squeezing at times. Completely dominating her. She gave herself over to him, enjoying the rhythmic friction of his cock gliding in and out.

Finally he eased his hand toward her throat, encircling her neck and rubbing his thumb up and down the front. She had told him she liked that during their last encounter, hoping he’d remember. Though she didn’t need to breathe, she allowed his firm grip to make her gasp for air slightly.

Her core throbbed harder in response. “Yes, Donovan… That feels…so good.”

© Lorraine Pearl

Fangs Divider copy copy

This erotic short story is only $0.99. If you want a hot, quickie read full of sexy vampires getting down and dirty, with a little emotion thrown in for good measure, then you’ll enjoy Auburn Lust.

For more information on the books in this series and for purchase links, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

Check out these awesome reviews of the next book in the series, Nocturnal Surrender:

“The chemistry between Bastian and Nicole is off the charts HAWT! WOW!! The world building is interesting and the plot is very intriguing. I love the author’s writing style and the editing was spot on. If you are a fan of Erotic PNR, you are going to love this series. It’s kind of like Laura Wright meets Lora Leigh with a pinch of JR Ward thrown in the mix.” Danie – Amazon Kindle reviewer about Nocturnal Surrender.

“I am digging this Novella series by Lorraine Pearl. I finished Nocturnal Surrender & immediately purchase the next book in the series, Midnight Confessions. Great back story, character & story development. Oh, and let’s not skip over the hot and I mean incredibily hot sex between Bastian & Nicole that makes you weak in the knees & tingly all over.” Sharon – Amazon Kindle reviewer about Nocturnal Surrender.


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