Nothing Lasts Forever: Excerpt 2

29 Nov

TNSS: Book 1

Here is another small excerpt from Nothing Lasts Forever, the first novelette in The Nocturnal Surrender Series–AKA, TNSS.


Bastian’s voice boomed through the barrier. “I am coming in, Elise. Do not be frightened.” The door creaked open, he stepped inside, and then slammed it closed with his foot.

The sound echoed off the stone walls. Elise gritted her teeth in irritation, her nerves already on edge.

His vampiric features were in place, accentuated by his long golden hair, and he carried a food tray. “You must eat something to keep up your strength. This has been too much for you. You are not thinking clearly.” He walked toward the bed and extended his offering, seemingly unconcerned with the sun’s rays.

She inhaled the delicious aroma. Some sort of stew and fresh bread. Her stomach growled. Although she did not want to accept the food, his words rang true. The nourishment would certainly help should she have to escape, but…

What if it is poisoned?

Poisoned? Do you honestly think I could do such a thing to you? I love you. Why can you not see that?” Bastian sat the tray on the table next to the bed. “And as for escaping, the last thing I want is for you to feel like a prisoner here. I’d hoped you would stay with me until we worked this out, and then forever after, as we had planned.”

For a moment, she could have sworn he meant what he said. The sincerity in his pained voice caused her heart to ache. Maybe she wouldn’t tell Jacob and his fellow Hunters about Bastian.

Forever. The word echoed in her mind. She wanted to reach for him, pretend he was the man she loved, but before she acted on the urge, the look on his face became strained.

His brows furrowed as if he were trying to comprehend something, and he knelt in front of her. “Jacob is a Hunter? Why did you not tell me? This is a dreadful situation, Elise. We must tread lightly on this matter or someone might end up dead.”

She shook her head in confusion. How does he know what I am thinking? Her fists closed tightly around the bed cover. She should have known better than to believe a word he had said.

“You heard my thoughts. You are not human. I cannot trust you.” Tears threatened to fall, but she would not allow herself to appear weak. Jacob had told her these evil monsters fed on fear just like the blood they devoured.

Then she remembered Bastian feeding on her blood. A shiver rolled over her. She rocked back and forth, and the walls closed in again.

He held out a hand and said something, but she could not focus on his words. She had to run.

Her mind spun, and so did the room, yet she summoned the strength to leap from the bed and make a dash for freedom.


© Lorraine Pearl

For more information on the book and the series, and for the Amazon link, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

So if vampires were real, and there was a sexy one in your life, would you let him or her bite you and drink from you? As long as it wasn’t too painful–and hopefully more pleasurable–I would.


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