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Nocturnal Surrender Released

TNSS: Book 2

TNSS: Book 2

The second book in The Nocturnal Surrender Series, the novella, Nocturnal Surrender, is now available on Amazon to buy or borrow…

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has  come back to earn his brother’s respect and plot revenge against the vampire who  murdered his fiancée, Elise. In Lansford, PA, the Sin City of the East, Bastian  must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness so he is  no longer considered a scourge on the Evanko name. When he asks for a private  dance, and a bite, from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he  bargains for—including another chance at love. But even the love of a beautiful  woman isn’t enough to sate his need for retribution.

Nicole French simply  wants to learn how to live in her new town, come to terms with stripping to pay  the bills, and make it through law school without having a breakdown over the  painful memories she hides. Having a man in her life is the last thing she  needs, but when Bastian Evanko asks for a private dance, and to drink her blood,  she ends up with more than just a freaky customer. Things heat up quickly in the  private room with the sexy stranger. Only problem is, he likes to pretend he’s a  vampire and suck down human blood.

To make matters worse, a war is  brewing between vampires and Hunters. And after losing Elise because of her  vampire Hunter brother, can Bastian take the risk of bringing Nicole into his  life? But, on the other hand, can he pass up another chance at love?

Be sure to get your copy. I hope you enjoy it.

For more information check out The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.


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Upcoming Character Interview and Book Release

On 12/29/12, Bastian Evanko–the hero in the first three novelettes of The Nocturnal Surrender Series–will be at Paranormal Cravings for their Book Characters Event. This event runs the entire month of December.
Bastian is promoting the second book in the series, Nocturnal Surrender, which is being released as I write this–an update will follow within the next day or so. Be sure to stop by Paranormal Cravings on the 29th to see the interview I did with him.
I just finished writing it up a few days ago and sent it over to the blog. There were a few questions Bastian didn’t like, and for a while he got a little pissy and took control of the interview–damn unpredictable vampire that he is.
There was even a point when he vamped out and I worried he might try to bite me–then later I kind of wished he would have. I mean, look at him. He is sexy as hell.

TNSS: Book 2

Don’t worry about my sanity. I know my characters aren’t real, but for the sake of the interview, I pretended the world and characters I created are real. How else do we write such convincing stories but to immerse ourselves in them completely? And that goes for any character piece as well. Just imagine what it’s like to write those detailed sex scenes.

You should also take a few minutes to go over to Paranormal Cravings and check out the review and excerpt from Rosalie Stanton’s upcoming release, Insatiable Need. And just look at the sexy cover on her book. Love those eyes. You can shift gears from my vampires to her werewolves.

As I said above, be ready for the release of Nocturnal Surrender. Here is the blurb:

After two hundred years in exile, vampire Bastian Evanko has come back to earn his brother’s respect and plot revenge against the vampire who murdered his fiancée, Elise. In Lansford, PA, the Sin City of the East, Bastian must fight his rebellious nature and learn to control his impulsiveness so he is no longer considered a scourge on the Evanko name. When he asks for a private dance, and a bite, from stripper Darling Nikki, he gets far more than he bargains for—including another chance at love. But even the love of a beautiful woman isn’t enough to sate his need for retribution.

Nicole French simply wants to learn how to live in her new town, come to terms with stripping to pay the bills, and make it through law school without having a breakdown over the painful memories she hides. Having a man in her life is the last thing she needs, but when Bastian Evanko asks for a private dance, and to drink her blood, she ends up with more than just a freaky customer. Things heat up quickly in the private room with the sexy stranger. Only problem is, he likes to pretend he’s a vampire and suck down human blood.

To make matters worse, a war is brewing between vampires and Hunters. And after losing Elise because of her vampire Hunter brother, can Bastian take the risk of bringing Nicole into his life? But, on the other hand, can he pass up another chance at love?


For more information check out The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

So which do you prefer, vampires or werewolve, and why? Obviously I prefer vamps. I just can’t get into a man that turns into a dog–well, any shifters for that matter because I can’t get into the animal part. Yeah, I know. I can handle the blood drinking and killing thing vamps do but I have issues with shifters. I’m just strange I guess.


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Nothing Lasts Forever: Excerpt 2

TNSS: Book 1

Here is another small excerpt from Nothing Lasts Forever, the first novelette in The Nocturnal Surrender Series–AKA, TNSS.


Bastian’s voice boomed through the barrier. “I am coming in, Elise. Do not be frightened.” The door creaked open, he stepped inside, and then slammed it closed with his foot.

The sound echoed off the stone walls. Elise gritted her teeth in irritation, her nerves already on edge.

His vampiric features were in place, accentuated by his long golden hair, and he carried a food tray. “You must eat something to keep up your strength. This has been too much for you. You are not thinking clearly.” He walked toward the bed and extended his offering, seemingly unconcerned with the sun’s rays.

She inhaled the delicious aroma. Some sort of stew and fresh bread. Her stomach growled. Although she did not want to accept the food, his words rang true. The nourishment would certainly help should she have to escape, but…

What if it is poisoned?

Poisoned? Do you honestly think I could do such a thing to you? I love you. Why can you not see that?” Bastian sat the tray on the table next to the bed. “And as for escaping, the last thing I want is for you to feel like a prisoner here. I’d hoped you would stay with me until we worked this out, and then forever after, as we had planned.”

For a moment, she could have sworn he meant what he said. The sincerity in his pained voice caused her heart to ache. Maybe she wouldn’t tell Jacob and his fellow Hunters about Bastian.

Forever. The word echoed in her mind. She wanted to reach for him, pretend he was the man she loved, but before she acted on the urge, the look on his face became strained.

His brows furrowed as if he were trying to comprehend something, and he knelt in front of her. “Jacob is a Hunter? Why did you not tell me? This is a dreadful situation, Elise. We must tread lightly on this matter or someone might end up dead.”

She shook her head in confusion. How does he know what I am thinking? Her fists closed tightly around the bed cover. She should have known better than to believe a word he had said.

“You heard my thoughts. You are not human. I cannot trust you.” Tears threatened to fall, but she would not allow herself to appear weak. Jacob had told her these evil monsters fed on fear just like the blood they devoured.

Then she remembered Bastian feeding on her blood. A shiver rolled over her. She rocked back and forth, and the walls closed in again.

He held out a hand and said something, but she could not focus on his words. She had to run.

Her mind spun, and so did the room, yet she summoned the strength to leap from the bed and make a dash for freedom.


© Lorraine Pearl

For more information on the book and the series, and for the Amazon link, please visit The Nocturnal Surrender Series website.

So if vampires were real, and there was a sexy one in your life, would you let him or her bite you and drink from you? As long as it wasn’t too painful–and hopefully more pleasurable–I would.


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Lg size Men’s Fitness photos from 2011 #alexoloughlin

Couldn’t resist sharing these amazing shots of Alex. Yeah, they are older, but we haven’t had them in this size before. I may have to make a computer background out of them. Just look at how intense he is in that first one. Gotta love that man.

H50BAMF Tumblr

Thanks to @mymaximus for the finds on these!!

Bigger is better, eh?

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Alex O’Loughlin Rocks website closed- It feels like we lost a friend today!

It is sad to say goodbye to AOL Rocks. The site has been the most comprehensive Alex site around for years. We knew this day might come, but hoped it wouldn’t. Be sure to check out the original post above for more information on the end of such a wonderful website.

Alex O´Loughlin ~ An Intense Study

… none of your love and hard work ever goes unnoticed or unappreciated. It is something in my life that helps me find the energy I don’t always think I have, to get through another long work day and stay inspired.

Alex O’Loughlin, MySpace Blog, 30 July 2009

Dear Mizz

This is just a small note af appreciation for all the hard work and dedication on your site  “Alex O’Loughlin Rocks”, over the last four years.  We personally think it was one of the greatest fan sites around. Your attention to the smallest detail did not go unnoticed. Your love for Alex and his work showed in every article you wrote.

More than a year ago when you told me you might close the site, I hoped that this day would never come. You gave us a scare in the beginning of the year, but we were all…

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Should You Self-Publish

Although it was probably clear from my post about publishing my first book, I’ll put it out there just to make sure there’s no confusion. I am self-publishing. Going indie, if you will. 

I chose to take this route a while back and never even considered submitting to publishers. It wasn’t because I thought my writing wouldn’t be good enough, but rather I didn’t want to bang my head against a wall for years waiting for someone to deem me worthy so they could take the majority of my profits. 

Granted, many will argue that my books would sell better with the backing of a publisher since they would be able to reach a greater audience. I’m not disputing that. But I’m happy with the path I chose—maybe partly because I’m a bit of a control freak and couldn’t stomach the thought of someone else being in charge of my cover, approving my title, and possibly wanting to change things in the stories that I don’t want to change. 

That said, my editor is wonderful and will tell me when something doesn’t work or make sense, or just plain sucks. And I will listen—usually. Why wouldn’t I when she’s only trying make my books better? Kind of a no-brainer. And let me tell you, I found an amazing editor, Holly D. Atkinson, but I’ll talk about her—and editors in general—in another post. 

(Hey, speak of the devil. As I was writing this, she emailed me with a link to this awesome post about editors. You have to check it out.) Now back to what I was trying to say before I was interrupted. Love you, Holly. 😉 

Sure, it may take longer to build a readership going it alone, but I really believe it will be worth it in the end. And in truth, I’m not in this alone. I have a great network of support from my editor, other authors, readers, online friends, and the people in my life. 

Self-publishing is definitely not for everyone. If you only want to write and not be bothered with all the other things—or don’t feel you have or want to learn the necessary skills to do those things—then traditional publishing is probably best for you. But make no mistake, you will still have to network and do much—if not all—of your own promotion. Sucks, I know. 

What other things am I talking about? Either hiring people or doing the following yourself: 

  •       EDITING, EDITING, EDITING—can you tell this is extremely important and better left to the professionals if you can afford it?
  •       Cover design—remember, people do judge a book by its cover.
  •       Book formatting—oh, and they also judge it by its formatting.
  •       Website design—yes, this is a necessity nowadays, especially if you self-publish since most of your sales will be from eBooks so therefore everything is internet based. Although, you’d have this one even if you published traditionally. 

I’m sure I probably forgot something, but if I did, feel free to point it out and I’ll add it.

If you don’t feel up to the task of being your own little business, this isn’t the path for you. But if you’re like me and enjoy doing it all, then you may prefer self-publishing. 

The biggest thing to remember is that doing it yourself is a slow process. You need a backlist of books to garner more sales. Obviously, this takes time. This is the biggest reason I decided to start my series with a trilogy of novelettes before I break out the novels. That and the fact those stories lent themselves to that length. 

In traditional publishing there is a big push when your book is first released, then sales tend to drop off until finally your book is no longer on the shelves—unless you’re a big name author. But with self-publishing the greater sales come farther into your career, and hopefully, instead of dropping off significantly, they will have a resurgence with each new release. Because guess what, that virtual shelf on Amazon or whatever site you sell through will always have your eBook in stock. 

So which approach sounds right for you? Is anyone out there toying with the idea of self-publishing? If yes, why? If no, why do you prefer traditional? Anyone else want to share their publishing journey—whether self or traditional?

Let’s have a friendly discussion. Neither way is right or wrong.


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#alexoloughlin gets new bike c/o Cro Customs

That was the original post, now it’s my turn. He looks so happy with his new bike. Gotta love him. Granted, you couldn’t do it on this bike since there’s no room for a passenger, but can’t you just imagine what it would feel like to slide in behind him and hold onto him while he takes you for a ride? I’d let him use my motorcycle if he doesn’t have one with room for a passenger.

As always, be sure to check out the H50BAMF site with the link above the pics for more of these great posts.

H50BAMF Tumblr

This story was around for most of the weekend, but for my non-tweeting friends, you can find the full story on Cro Customs blog HERE and an extra pic at Alex O’

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